Mini-Split Heat Pumps for Heating & A/C

McDonough Heating and Cooling specializes in the installation of ductless mini-split heat pumps for heating and air conditioning, both regular heat pumps and hyper heats. I also do yearly servicing and trouble shoot system malfunctions.

I recommend Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Cooling and Heating, Mini-split models, due to their proven reliability and energy efficiency. In addition, because I am a Preferred Diamond Contractor, they have a 12-year parts and compressor warranty.

I am often asked what the system consists of. It is simply, a ductless mini-split heat pump system comprised of an indoor unit called the evaporator and an outdoor unit called the condensing unit. The evaporator is connected to the condensing unit by copper tubing and electrical wiring, which is passed through a 2 ½” – 3″ hole. Basically, it is a small central air unit with the flexibility of cooling or heating one room or more.

One thing I believe you will like about a ductless mini-split heat pump is that it is whisper-quiet. Another is that these units require no ductwork, along with the added bonus of allowing for flexible, room-by-room temperature control. 

I myself am an allergy sufferer, so I like the fact that with a ductless heat pump is it is easy to clean the filters, all you have to do is vacuum them or rinse them with water. You do not have to buy a new filter monthly like with a traditional ducted unit. I do recommend however, that you clean them once yearly, removing the head, drip pan, etc. This way you know that you do not have a build-up of allergens inside the unit. The great thing is it is all accessible, not hidden in an air duct. If you do not want to do a deep clean yourself, which is more than vacuuming the filters, contact me and we can schedule a time for me to service your unit.

I believe you will like the fact that these units install easily, will not take up valuable closet space, and are extremely energy efficient. Give me a call to schedule an estimate today to talk about your options, or to service an existing unit.

Contact Steve for more information and to receive a quote.